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Buddha, also known as Siddhārtha Gautama, Shakyamuni, and Gautama Buddha, was a wise spiritual leader whose teachings and philosophy have profoundly impacted millions of people and are the foundation of Buddhism.

Get the Free Real Buddha Quotes Printables Images for Inspiration and Motivation. Buddha Quotes on Love, Life, Happiness, Death, and even land.

He hails from ancient India and is believed to have lived between the sixth and fourth centuries BCE. His teachings have led to the creation of famous Buddha quotes, which mainly emphasize the importance of mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom.

His great teachings have continued to inspire many even today. People have learned that the top secret to keeping Buddha’s teachings close to their hearts is displaying his words in their homes or workspaces.

Unfortunately, finding these Buddha quotes can be very tiresome and sometimes expensive. However, if you are on this page, you are lucky because we have over 40 free printable Buddha quotes that you can print and use.

After printing these quotes, you can glue them on your walls to create a peaceful and inspiring environment that helps you focus on your goals and find fulfillment in your daily life.

Below is the free printable Buddha quotes. To print, click on any one (s) that you wish to use. A printable PDF file will be launched. Print!

Printable Real Buddha Quotes Images

White Buddha Purnima Quote

Gold Buddha Purnima Quote

Orange Aesthetic Inspirational Quote

Sunrise Buddha Purnima

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Gold Buddha Purnima life Quote

Brown Buddha Purnima

Buddha inspiring Quotes

Buddha Quote

Green and white Minimalist Buddha Quote

Quote Inspiration Buddha

Red Elegant Buddha Quote

Brown Illustration Buddha Quote

Crystals Buddha Purnima Quote

Dark Modern Buddha Purnima Quote

Brown Modern Buddha Purnima

Black Minimalist Buddha Quote

Orange And Yellow Simple Minimalist Buddha Quote

Beige Buddha Quote

Blue Buddha  Quote

Purple Buddha  Quote

Brown Illustration  Buddha life  Quote

Brown floral Buddha Quote

 Yellow And White Simple Illustration Buddha Quote

Cream Buddha Quotes

Life Quotes Buddha

Grey Orange Modern Minimalist Buddha Quote

Buddha Life Quote

Dark Elegant Buddha Quote

Black  White  with buddha quote

Red with Greyscale Buddha Quote

Orange Buddha Purnima Quote

Black and White Buddha Quote

Orange Buddha Quote

Green Gold Buddha Quote

Real Buddha Quotes image


Pink Simple Buddha Quote

Grey Simple Buddha Quote

 Black and White Photo Simple  Buddha Quote

Brown Life Buddha Quote

You can save these free printables of real Buddha quotes images on your devices and share them with your friends and relatives to spread the real Buddha quotes with images of different Buddha styles.

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