40 Free Printable Bedtime Routine Charts

Getting your child to sleep and following a consistent bedtime routine is one of a parent’s most stressful and challenging tasks. But having a consistent printable bedtime routine chart makes the transition to sleep much easier and smoother.

Printable Bedtime routine charts are visual aids that list tasks a toddler needs to do before bed. This may include tasks in pictures or words showing the various steps in the bedtime routine chart.

These tasks include brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, reading a story, and turning off the lights. Using the bedtime routine chart, the child can develop a bedtime routine and know what time they need to complete it and in what order.

You can also set a specific time to begin your child’s bedtime routine and ensure that the child follows the routine every day. When they complete their task, they can mark it off with an erasable marker so that they can use it the next day.

From the 40 free printable bedtime routine chart templates we have created for you to choose from, you now have to download and print the chart of your preferred design with these simple steps.

Click on the chart of your preferred design to launch the printable bedtime routine chart as a PDF.

Once you have opened the PDF, click the print icon to bring up the print settings.

Here, you can select your printer and adjust the print quality settings to ensure your chart looks as intended.

If you use a PC, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P to bring up the print settings quickly.

After printing the chart, you can laminate it and hang it in your child’s room or stick it on the wall where they can easily see it.

Dark Blue and Orange Simple Bedtime Checklist Chart

Pastel Modern Bedtime Routine Chart

Blue and Yellow Simple Moon Bedtime Routine Chart

Blue and Pink Bedtime checklist Chart

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Purple Moon and Stars Bedtime Reward Chart

Grey  and cream Night Sky Border Bedtime Reward Chart

Navy and White Cute BedTime Routine chart

Pink and Purple Bedtime Reward Chart

Green Stars Bedtime Reward Chart

White Notebook Style Bedtime Checklist Chart

Black and Cream Cute BedTime Routine Chart

Blue Clouds Moon Bedtime Rewards Chart

Purple Pink Stars Bedtime routine Chart

Yellow Simple Moon Bedtime Routine Chart

Starry Bedtime checklist Chart

Night Bedtime Checklist

Purple Bedtime Reminder Chart

Teal and Yellow Moon Bedtime Routine Chart

Lime Green cloudy  Bedtime Checklist

Purple and Coral Bedtime checklist Chart

Brown  Bedtime Reward Chart

Coral Stars  and Moon Sleep Reward Chart

Cute Night Time Routine List To Do

Beige Creative Bedtime Routine

Grey Illustration Night Routine

Cute Navy Blue Night Time Routine List To Do

Blue and White Modern Bordered Bedtime Checklist

Purple Bedtime Routine chart

Peach Floral Bedtime Routines Checklist

Everyday Bedtime Routine

Soft Pink Bedtime Routine

Purple and Yellow Bedtime Chart

Beige Bedtime Habits

Orange Bedtime Routine

Grey Illustrated Moon Bedtime Reward Chart

Gray Aesthetic Bedtime Routine Checklist

Cute pastel background Bedtime Routine

Simple Pink Bedtime checklist

 White and Cream Modern Bordered Moon Bedtime Checklist

Sleeping moon Bedtime Checklist

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