40 Free Printable Dear Santa Letters

Christmas is a time for joy, love, and cheer, especially for children and sometimes even adults who anticipate what gifts Santa Claus will bring them. Kids fantasize about the perfect Christmas gift Santa will give them. Over the years, writing a Dear Santa Letter has been a beloved tradition and is still a thing.

It is best to set a day, get a hot coffee and your favorite Christmas cookie, and get into crafting your Santa Letter. After penning your eye-catching letter for Santa, it is time to transfer it to a unique and good-looking free printable template. We have designed over 40 free printable Dear Santa Letters that you can choose from. If you have a family, the other members can also pick their favorite and get started.

After you have printed off your Dear Santa letters and added all your heartfelt wishes, don’t forget to include a return address. The man himself at the North Pole might likely reply. It would be best if you had a bit of faith and luck, and you never know. Santa might just come through and make your holiday dreams come true.

Browse our free printable Dear Santa Letters below and click on your desired image. You will be redirected to a PDF page to download and print. You can also check out Free Printable Colorful Christmas Gift Tags.

Red Blue Christmas Illustration Santa Letter

Pink And Red Illustration Dear Santa Claus Letter

Blue & Green Watercolor Dear Santa Christmas Wish List Letter

Green & Red Watercolor Christmas Wish List Interactive Dear Santa Letter

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green childish christmas santa letter

Red White Knitted Pattern Christmas Santa Letter

Green & Red Simple Dear Santa Christmas Wish List Letter

Cute Illustrated Writing Letter

Green & Red Festive Christmas Wish List Interactive Dear Santa Letter

Red and White Cute Christmas Santa Letter

Green Red Modern Cute Santa Letter

Red Green Christmas Wreath Letter to Santa

White and Red Modern Cute Illustration Christmas Santa Letter

Blue Red Classic Watercolor Illustrated Background Christmas Letter for Santa

Red and Pink Colorful Christmas Wishlist Santa Letter

Dear Santa, here is my wishlist Letter

colorful cute christmas letter to santa

Red & White Cute Interactive Christmas Wish List Dear Santa Letter

White Red Letter To Santa Worksheet

Yellow and White Festive Dear Santa Letter US letter Document

Red Santa Mittens Christmas Wishlist Letter

Dark Green and Pink Illustrated Christmas Letter

Red Blue Cute Illustrated Christmas Wish List Interactive Letter for Santa

Blue Wish List Festive Illustration Interactive Letter to Santa

Red and Beige Santa Illustration Holiday Wish List Letter to Santa

Pink Blue Pastel Cute Handdrawn Snowman Christmas Santa Letter

White and Red Modern Cute Illustration Christmas Santa Letter

Red And Gold Modern Playful Kids Christmas Santa Letter

Dear Santa Kids Fun Cute Letter

Red and Beige Modern Christmas Wish List Kids Santa Letter

Cute Red and Green Christmas Santa Letter

Blue Modern Christmas Wish List Letter to Santa A4 Document

Blue Red Illustrated Christmas Letter to Santa

Red And Brown Illustration Cute Santa Letter

Navy Blue Cute Reindeer Stamp Christmas Santa Letter

Red & White Cute Christmas Wish List Santa Letter

Red and Green Illustrative Dear Santa Letter Writing Worksheet

Santa Letter

White Black Minimalist Photo Santa Letter

Red Green and White Letter to Santa with Vector Illustration Printable A4 Document

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